Contract Engineering

I design and implement solutions for your data challenges, whether on-prem or in the cloud. I address usability, performance, scale, and cost with systems that support responsible data stewardship. I always deliver solutions that are approachable and maintainable.

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Privacy Consulting

The data you collect is valuable and comes with a moral and legal imperative to be managed responsibly. I provide guidance that meets the expectations of your customers and is compliant with relevant regulation. As a technologist, I focus on pragmatic options that align with your existing systems. I also help respond to privacy inquiries and audits.
(CIPT certified)

Privacy By Design

Industry expectations and regulation call for privacy to be considered early in the software life cycle. I provide training and guidance on how to implement privacy by design within your software development process. I assess existing projects and give balanced guidance based on your needs. (CIPT certified)

Assessment of Privacy Compliance and Risk

I will provide a thorough assessment of your privacy policies and data management systems measured against regulation, standards, and customer expectations. An independent assessment is a valuable foundation for responding to future third-party inquiries or audits.
(CIPT certified)

Staff Augmentation and On-Demand Engineering

Complement your existing engineering talent with expert systems software engineering. Meet the changing needs of your software with on-demand engineering.

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Hiring and Mentoring

I will help you build a job description that precisely identifies the engineering talent you need most and interview candidates for the position. Your team will have access to my experience and mentorship.

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